1 Title: Introduction to Leche Flan Learn the art of making the perfect Leche Flan with this step-by-step guide.

2 Title: Ingredients Gather eggs, condensed milk, sugar, and vanilla extract for this classic Filipino dessert.

3 Title: How to Prepare the Caramel Start by melting sugar in a pan until it turns golden brown for the caramel base.

4 Title: Mixing the Eggs Whisk eggs and condensed milk until smooth, adding vanilla for flavor.

5 Title: Assemble and Cook Pour the caramel into ramekins, then top with the egg mixture for baking.

6 Title: Baking Instructions Bake in a water bath at low heat for the perfect custard texture.

7 Title: Cooling and Serving Chill in the fridge, then invert onto a plate for a beautiful presentation.

8 Title: Tips and Variations Experiment with different flavors like pandan or coconut for a unique twist.

9 Title: Enjoy Your Homemade Leche Flan Savor the creamy, caramel goodness of this decadent dessert with friends and family.