1: Introduction Learn how to preserve stone fruits with these simple methods. From freezing to canning, we've got you covered.

2: Freezing Freeze stone fruits like peaches and cherries for long-lasting freshness. Simply wash, slice, and freeze in a single layer.

3: Canning Preserve stone fruits in jars with a simple syrup or honey. Follow proper canning procedures for safe storage.

4: Drying Dehydrate stone fruits to enjoy as snacks or for baking. Slice fruits thinly and dry in a dehydrator or oven.

5: Jam Make delicious jams and preserves with ripe stone fruits. Add sugar, lemon juice, and pectin for a sweet treat.

6: Pickling Pickled stone fruits add a tangy twist to salads and charcuterie boards. Experiment with spices and vinegar for tasty results.

7: Infusing Infuse stone fruits into vinegars or alcohols for flavorful concoctions. Let fruits sit for a few weeks before straining.

8: Baking Use preserved stone fruits in pies, crisps, and cobblers. Sweet and juicy, they'll add a burst of flavor to your desserts.

9: Enjoying Savor the taste of summer all year long with preserved stone fruits. Get creative in the kitchen and try new recipes.