1: Colin Farrell is back as The Penguin in the upcoming spinoff. Get ready for a new chapter in Gotham's underworld.

2: The character is set to get his own standalone series, offering a deeper look into The Penguin's sinister world.

3: Fans can expect a fresh take on the iconic villain, with Farrell bringing his own unique flair to the role.

4: From his dapper style to his sinister grin, The Penguin promises to be a captivating character in this spinoff.

5: The series will delve into The Penguin's origins and motivations, shedding light on what drives this notorious criminal.

6: Colin Farrell's return to the role is sure to bring a new dimension to this iconic character, offering fans fresh insight.

7: As The Penguin's story unfolds, audiences can expect twists and turns that will keep them on the edge of their seats.

8: With Farrell's talent and the rich storytelling of the spinoff, The Penguin is poised to become an even more compelling character.

9: Stay tuned for updates on this highly anticipated series and get ready to dive into The Penguin's dark and twisted world.