1: 1. As Hawkeye Pierce in MASH, Donald Sutherland brought humor and heart to the iconic character.

2: 2. Sutherland's portrayal of the witty and irreverent surgeon endeared him to audiences worldwide.

3: 3. From pranks to poignant moments, Sutherland's performance in MASH remains unforgettable.

4: 4. His chemistry with co-stars and unique approach to the role set Sutherland apart.

5: 5. Beyond the operating room, Sutherland's nuances in portraying Hawkeye showcased his versatile talent.

6: 6. The character's evolution throughout the series was expertly navigated by Sutherland.

7: 7. Sutherland's dedication to his craft elevated Hawkeye into a timeless television character.

8: 8. His portrayal of the character in film and television adaptations solidified MASH's enduring legacy.

9: 9. Donald Sutherland's legacy as Hawkeye in MASH continues to resonate with audiences worldwide.