1: 1. Joey gets a new love interest. 2. Phoebe reveals a long-lost sibling.

2: 3. Ross makes a surprising career change. 4. Monica and Chandler face a marriage crisis.

3: 5. Rachel gets a major promotion. 6. Gunther returns with a big secret.

4: 7. Janice makes a shocking appearance. 8. The gang reunites for a special event.

5: 9. A major character meets a tragic fate. 10. New friendships are formed in unexpected ways.

6: 11. Ross and Rachel revisit their past. 12. Joey's acting career takes a surprising turn.

7: 13. Monica and Chandler consider adoption. 14. Phoebe uncovers a dark family secret.

8: 15. A familiar face returns to Central Perk. 16. The gang faces a life-changing decision.

9: 17. A beloved character bids farewell. 18. The Friends legacy lives on in unexpected ways.