1: 1. Ray Palmer, aka The Atom, is a tech genius 2. He's a skilled superhero with a heart of gold 3. His chemistry with other Arrowverse characters is undeniable

2: 4. Ray Palmer's humor adds a light-hearted touch to the series 5. He's a fan-favorite character with a lot of potential for growth

3: 1. The Atom's suit and powers bring a visual spectacle to the screen 2. Ray Palmer's journey from geek to hero is inspiring

4: 3. His relationship with Felicity Smoak is a highlight of Arrow 4. The character's complexity makes for compelling storytelling

5: 5. Ray Palmer's moral compass makes him a true hero 6. His intelligence and bravery make him a valuable asset to any team

6: 1. The Atom's powers make for exciting action sequences 2. Ray Palmer's vulnerability adds depth to his character

7: 3. He's a mentor figure to young heroes in the Arrowverse 4. Ray Palmer's optimism is infectious

8: 5. The potential for crossovers with other Arrowverse shows is endless 6. Ray Palmer's sense of justice is unwavering

9: 1. Fans love Ray Palmer for his humor, heart, and heroism 2. He's a versatile character who can carry his own spinoff series