1: 1. Fans speculate on Tony and Ziva's future in possible NCIS spinoff.

2: 2. Will Tony and Ziva finally reunite in their own show?

3: 3. Theories suggest an action-packed spinoff for the beloved duo.

4: 4. Could Tony and Ziva's spinoff revolve around their family life?

5: 5. Will the NCIS spinoff focus on Tony and Ziva's past cases?

6: 6. Fans predict a steamy romance between Tony and Ziva in the spinoff.

7: 7. Could Tony and Ziva be recruited for a top-secret mission in the spinoff?

8: 8. Theories speculate on the potential villains in Tony and Ziva's spinoff.

9: 9. Excitement builds as fans eagerly anticipate the Tony and Ziva NCIS spinoff.