1: 1. Jerry mistakenly becomes an Uber driver. 2. George adopts a pet turtle with expert dating advice. 3. Elaine joins a kooky cult obsessed with marble rye.

2: 4. Kramer opens a jingle-writing business with disastrous results. 5. Jerry attends a clown convention by mistake. 6. The gang competes in a disastrous bake-off challenge.

3: 7. Newman starts a rival food truck with hilariously bad food. 8. George accidentally becomes a YouTube sensation. 9. Elaine gets addicted to a ridiculous new phone app.

4: 10. Kramer competes in a hot dog eating contest. 11. Jerry and George try to start a comedy duo. 12. Elaine tries her hand at stand-up comedy.

5: 13. George gets mistaken for a famous actor. 14. Jerry loses his voice during a crucial stand-up show. 15. Kramer accidentally starts a viral dance craze.

6: 16. Elaine gets trapped in an escape room with bizarre results. 17. Jerry gets mistaken for a magician at a children's party. 18. George starts a disastrous urban farm.

7: 19. Kramer joins a mysterious secret society. 20. George accidentally becomes a puppeteer. 21. Elaine becomes a life coach with disastrous consequences.

8: 22. Jerry gets mistaken for a spy. 23. George tries to start a fashion line. 24. Kramer starts a bizarre new business selling odd collectibles.

9: 25. Newman becomes a reality TV star. 26. Elaine accidentally starts a viral hashtag. 27. The gang gets caught up in a hilarious case of mistaken identity.