1: 1. Will Yellowstone season 6 happen without Kevin Costner? 2. What impact will Costner's departure have on the show? 3. Can Yellowstone maintain its success without its star?

2: 4. How will the storyline continue without Kevin Costner leading the way? 5. What new characters could be introduced to fill the void left by Costner? 6. Will fans still be interested in watching Yellowstone without its original lead?

3: 7. What challenges will the show face going forward? 8. Will the transition to a post-Costner era affect viewership? 9. How will the producers handle the departure of such a central figure?

4: 10. Why did Kevin Costner decide to leave Yellowstone? 11. What future projects does Costner have lined up after his departure? 12. Will Costner's absence mark the beginning of the end for Yellowstone?

5: 13. What new directions could Yellowstone take without Kevin Costner? 14. How will the show evolve and adapt to his departure? 15. Can Yellowstone survive the loss of its main star?

6: 16. How will the rest of the cast and crew handle Kevin Costner's exit? 17. What impact will this have on the dynamics of the show? 18. Will fans still be invested in the series without its lead actor?

7: 19. What behind-the-scenes changes can viewers expect with Costner's departure? 20. Will the showrunners be able to maintain the quality and success of Yellowstone? 21. How will the storyline progress without Kevin Costner at the helm?

8: 22. What future storylines could be explored in Yellowstone season 6? 23. How will the show continue to captivate audiences without its main star? 24. Can Yellowstone overcome the challenges of losing Kevin Costner?

9: 25. Will the departure of Kevin Costner mark a turning point for Yellowstone? 26. What surprises and twists are in store for fans in season 6? 27. How will the show reinvent itself in the absence of its iconic lead actor?