1: Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Try Greek yogurt with berries and nuts for a quick, nutritious meal.

2: Incorporate whole grains like oatmeal or whole grain toast topped with avocado and a sprinkle of feta cheese.

3: Add protein to your breakfast with scrambled eggs or a smoothie made with Greek yogurt and spinach.

4: Don't forget about fruits and veggies! Enjoy a fruit salad or a side of sautéed veggies with your breakfast.

5: Opt for healthy fats like olive oil and nuts to keep you feeling full and satisfied throughout the morning.

6: Plan ahead by prepping breakfast items like overnight oats or chia seed pudding the night before.

7: Keep it simple with a slice of whole grain toast topped with almond butter and sliced bananas.

8: Stay hydrated by starting your day with a glass of water or herbal tea before diving into your Mediterranean-inspired breakfast.

9: Experiment with different flavors and ingredients to keep your breakfast routine interesting and delicious.