1: Tangy lemon cake with a hint of sweetness. Perfect for any occasion.

2: Lemon blueberry cake, a delicious combo for a summertime treat.

3: Mouthwatering lemon pound cake, a classic favorite for all.

4: Zesty lemon coconut cake, a tropical twist for your taste buds.

5: Lemon poppy seed cake, a flavorful delight for brunch or dessert.

6: Lemon cream cheese cake, a rich and creamy indulgence for any day.

7: Lemon raspberry cake, a burst of citrusy flavor with a fruity twist.

8: Glazed lemon cake with a sweet and tangy topping for a scrumptious treat.

9: Lemon meringue cake, a light and fluffy dessert that's sure to impress.