1: 1. Simone Biles dominates at the Core Hydration Classic. 2. Biles showcases her skills and athleticism at the event.

2: 1. Biles secures victory with flawless routines. 2. Simone's performance amazes fans and judges alike.

3: 1. Biles's triumph sets the stage for Paris 2024. 2. The road to the next Olympics begins with a win for Simone.

4: 1. Simone Biles's journey to Paris 2024 starts strong. 2. Biles proves she's a force to be reckoned with in gymnastics.

5: 1. Biles's win at Core Hydration Classic marks a milestone. 2. Simone's success paves the way for future victories.

6: 1. Biles's four key moments define her path to Paris 2024. 2. Simone's determination and talent shine through in her performances.

7: 1. Biles's consistency and skill secure her victory. 2. Simone's dedication to her sport is evident in her success.

8: 1. Biles's impressive showing at Core Hydration Classic is unforgettable. 2. Simone's journey to Paris 2024 is off to a winning start.

9: 1. Biles sets her sights on Paris 2024 after Core Hydration Classic triumph. 2. Simone's victories are just the beginning of her Olympic journey.