1: "Frank's Retirement" Witness Commissioner Reagan's emotional farewell as he steps down from the NYPD.

2: "Eddie and Jamie's Wedding" Celebrate the long-awaited nuptials between the dynamic duo.

3: "Danny's Unexpected Reunion" Get ready for a heartwarming surprise as Danny reconnects with a familiar face.

4: "Family Dinner Drama" Join the Reagan family for a tense meal filled with secrets and revelations.

5: "A Shocking Betrayal" Discover who turns against the Reagan family in a shocking twist.

6: "Baker's Big Promotion" See how Baker's career takes a new turn in the final season.

7: "A Legacy Remembered" Reflect on the Reagan family's impact as they bid farewell.

8: "A Bittersweet Goodbye" Experience the emotional conclusion as the Reagan's face their final moments together.

9: "Forever Blue Bloods" Relive the unforgettable moments from the farewell season of this iconic show.