1: Jamie and Eddie's Wedding The long-awaited wedding of Jamie and Eddie finally takes place, bringing tears of joy to fans.

2: Frank Reagan's Retirement After decades of service, Frank Reagan announces his retirement, leaving fans emotional and grateful.

3: Danny's Final Shootout Danny engages in a intense and action-packed shootout, showcasing his dedication to justice till the very end.

4: Erin Reagan's Promotion Erin Reagan earns a well-deserved promotion, solidifying her role as a powerful and inspiring character.

5: Bridget Moynahan's Directorial Debut Bridget Moynahan makes her directorial debut with an emotional and powerful episode, leaving fans in awe.

6: Anthony and Maria's Romance Anthony and Maria's budding romance adds a touch of sweetness and heartwarming moments to the season.

7: Family Dinner Farewell The Reagan family gathers for a bittersweet farewell dinner, highlighting their bond and love for each other.

8: Joe Hill's Secret Identity Revealed Joe Hill's true identity is finally revealed, shocking the Reagan family and fans alike.

9: A Farewell Tribute to Blue Bloods Blue Bloods bids goodbye with a touching tribute to the beloved characters and unforgettable moments shared throughout the farewell season.