1: Indulge in a citrusy treat with these lemon cake recipes perfect for any birthday celebration.

2: Whip up a classic lemon drizzle cake for a zesty and moist dessert everyone will love.

3: Try a refreshing lemon blueberry cake for a burst of fruity flavor in every bite.

4: For a twist, bake a lemon raspberry layer cake with tangy cream cheese frosting.

5: Enjoy a decadent lemon white chocolate cake for a rich and creamy dessert option.

6: Surprise your guests with a lemon lavender cake for a delicate and aromatic treat.

7: For a quick and easy option, bake a lemon yogurt cake that's light and fluffy.

8: Impress your friends with a stunning lemon meringue cake with a sweet and toasty topping.

9: Choose one of these lemon cake recipes to make your next birthday bash unforgettable.