Wonder Woman's status in the new DC Universe has still to be confirmed, and without an actress announced as Diana Prince

Gal Gadot gave life to Wonder Woman in the DCEU 

While the actress' first solo movie as the character is one of the best live-action films in DC history, her second solo entry, Wonder Woman 1984,  

Still, Gadot's Wonder Woman returned as Wonder Woman for cameos in other DCEU movies despite Wonder Woman 1984's failure. 

It was expected that the actress and director Patty Jenkins would try to turn the franchise around with a third movie 

However, Wonder Woman 3 was canceled. With the start of the new DCU, all actors from the DCEU's Justice League will reportedly not return to their roles

As it stands, Gadot's Wonder Woman return is looking very unlikely, though there have been some conflicting reports on the matter 

With the DCU's announced projects not including Wonder Woman's debut — though the Amazon-focused prequel series Paradise Lost is happening 

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